RWizard Software

RWizard is a new open source and an easy to use graphical user interface for R environment.

The main strenghs of RWizard are:

  • It can search for any of the functions available in R enviroment by the name of the function, and very easily insert the function into a scprip.

  • It can search by the contents of the functions

  • It can search by topics, restricting the search to the forum web sites selected by the user

  • You can see all arguments of the functions and their details, with the possibility of modifying their description and adding a list with the allowed values of the arguments

  • You can modify the functions of a script in an extremely user friendly menu

  • You can install RWizard applications, which are plug-ins that extend it functionality

    EcoIndR It is calculated several indices, such as of diversity, fluctuation, etc., and they are used to estimate ecological indicators


    EIA It is estimated the assessment of the environmental consequences (positive and negative) of any kind of impact by comparing the environmental variables selected by the user between the before and after the impact.


    EnvNicheR Estimation of the niche of multiple species and the environmental conditions that favour favour a higher species richness


    FactorsR Identification of the factors affecting species richness


    KnowBR Discriminating well surveyed spatial units from exhaustive biodiversity databases


    MapsR Map of administrative areas and contour plots of environmental variables, biogeographic indexes and species richness


    PlotsR  It performs many different plots using a graphical selector


    SPEDInstabR Estimation of the relative importance of factors affecting species distribution based on stability concept

    SPEDInstabR  SPEDInstabRSPEDInstabR

    StatR  Makes it possible to perform statistical analyses and create graphs with R


    VARSEDIG  An Algorithm for Morphometric Characters Selection and Statistical Validation in Morphological Taxonomy